ENabling Technology

Technology has never been more affordable and supportive. The SimplyHome system of devices and services connects innovation and independence. Our team will help design and install systems that can transform care. Custom systems that can empower individuals while also addressing the concerns of caregivers and family members. Alleviate concerns about cooking safety, medication adherence, chronic health conditions, and the risk of wandering or falls. 


SimplyHome System

  • Central hub that communicates with multiple to sneers to observe activities of daily living.

  • Prompts the completion of daily routines and will proactively alert caregivers via text or email if assistance is needed.

  • Sensor’s activity, or inactivity is logged in our secure, password-protected website where caregivers can gain insight about daily living patterns or health related data.

Environmental Controls

  • Environmental Controls (EC) enables individuals with limited mobility to operate the home environment.

  • From just a tablet, individuals can use touch, voice-activated, or switch controls to manage lights, doors, TVs, the thermostat and more.

  • Opening doors to grater independence, privacy, and safety.

Medication Dispenser

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