The Power of Portable Floor Lifts

Removing Routine Falls is Essential to Living Independently


Conquer Fall Anxiety and the Fear of Falling (FOF)

  • Suffering one fall

  • limit actions, increase likelihood of falling again

  • Eliminate bothering loved ones and EMS teams, reduce fear with confidence


Protect Your Back

  • Danger of back issues and related costs to responders, caregivers, etc

  • These high costs are beginning to be passed along to the consumer

  • Or they are resulting in understaffed and undertrained providers avoiding lifts all together


Protect Your Budget

  • Increasing cost of patient lifts

  • Increase strain on healthcare resources

  • Reducing support and more no-lift policies


The IndeeLift
Human Floor Lift (HFL)

  • Its straightforward design is ready when you need help

  • Can be operated independently by a fallen person

  • The HFL lifts a fallen person 21” in under 1 minute

  • Swiveling rise assist handles offer sturdy support

  • Its dependable, rechargeable battery can power 10 lifts

  • Its battery can hold 85% of its power over 6 months


See the HFL in action Below: