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AdaptMy empowers older adults, those with disabilities and their support networks by providing the right tools to achieve daily independence and long-term financial well being.

We combine high tech systems, low tech aids, and home modification strategies to enhance everyday life.

Changing demographics require a new approach. Investing in your independence today will help you stay in control of your care, budget, and life.

The Changing Population


Several trends (the baby boom, increasing life spans, and decreasing birth rates) are beginning to change our future population.

These demographic shifts are causing the proportion of older adults worldwide to double.

The Census estimates that the proportion of those 65+ will change from 8.5% to 16.7% in 2050.

This changing population will begin to place stress on existing assistive service providers. Taking steps today to prepare for tomorrow is essential.

Older Adults as a Share of the U.S. Population, 2000 to 2050

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Chronic Conditions


The aging journey leads to an increased risk for chronic conditions.

These long-term health issues will become more common with the growing number of those over 65.


For Adults 65 and Older:


 Those With A Disability


Older adults are more likely than younger adults to have a disability

This growing number of susceptible older adults is in addition to the 61 million (1 in 4 adults) Americans that live with one disability. 


What Can We Do?


The private and public financing options available for long-term care are limited. 

Making an investment in the tools to increase independence today is an option to help alleviate many future expenses.  


Fortunately, there are more options available for assistance than ever. 

Combining a suite of assistive services and helpful aids, its is now possible to create the perfect mix of safety, savings, and happiness.