Human Floor Lift (HFL)

Human Floor Lift (HFL)

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The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift (HFL) is designed to help people in their homes up off of the floor without any extra help.

The HFL's easy to use remote control and supportive rise-assist handle grips make using the HFL entirely independent possible.

Available in two different models, the HFL-300 (supports 300 lbs.) and the HFL-400 (supports 400 lbs.) both models lift the user 21" from the floor in under a minute. 

The HFL offers mobility challenged individuals support to regain and maintain their independence, privacy, and dignity. 

Avoid hassling and inconveniencing your loved ones or emergency services for help getting up from the floor. Receive assistance fast from the push of a button. Avoid having to bother anyone and go right along with your day following a fall. The IndeeLift HFL turns what is often a harrowing, drawn-out and uncomfortable experience into a private easily-recoverable non-event! 

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The HFL's compact, vacuum cleaner style design can be rolled around the home. This compact design means it can be stored in a closet or a corner out of the way until it is needed.

The small footprint and small turning radius (32") mean the HFL can be used in small spaces where other floor lifts cannot operate. These can include most residential and all ADA accessible bathrooms. 


The HFL's Rise Assist Handles are 22" apart when in the locked. The handles are designed to be the same height from the HFL's seat as the armrests on a wheelchair.

The handles are also can swivel in either direction by slightly lifting the handles so their roll pins can be taken out of the groove that locks them into place.


The HFL is extremely easy to use. 

The caregiver rolls the HFL to the fallen person. 

The fallen person will scoot themselves onto the HFL's seat. 

Either the user or the caregiver then will activate the lift, raising them from the floor. 

Once the user has raised to the appropriate height, they can catch their breath and transfer off of the HFL to a standing position, wheelchair or another surface. 

The HFL user can also operate the system entirely by themselves just scooting towards and positioning themselves into the lift's beveled seat. 

For more information: IndeeLift Human Floor Lift Manual


The wired remote has a 6’ (2m) retractile cord allowing the fallen individual to "self-operate" the lift or a caregiver to operate the lift while assisting the care recipient onto the lift as necessary. The wired remote has graphics indicating the up and down functionality. Store the wired remote on the lift's handle with the hanger clip. 


The HFL comes standard with a lithium-ion battery pack and an AC charger with a cord that plugs into any standard 110V outlet.   This rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the HFL's linear actuator system.