First Alert SCO500B - Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm

First Alert SCO500B - Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm


First Alert SCO500B Battery Powered Wireless Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Warning

With the First Alert SCO500B you can connect multiple smoke and carbon monoxide alarms together wirelessly to create a strong network that will protect you and your property. This smoke and carbon monoxide alarm offers an exclusive, innovative voice warning system with location alert.

When an alarm is sounded, the network will alert you which room caused the potential hazard so you can know where to extinguish the problem. The voice system will say directly where the problem is when the alarm sounds off.

When the First Alert SCO500B is connect with other alarms it provides you with an earlier detection network that can save you from those unknown problems. Connecting fire and carbon monoxide alarms is cost effective because more alarms will give you an earlier warning and limit the damage cause by the hazard at hand. This alarm is easy to install and is built with everlasting quality. 

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Combination Smoke & CO Alarm

Exclusive Voice Warning System with Location Alert

Ease of Wireless Connectivity

Cost Effective Versus Hardwiring

Detector Type: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide

Sensor Type: Photoelectric Smoke Detection

Power Source: Battery Powered (2 AA)

Interconnection: Up to 18 units with Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Heat Alarms and Relays. Maximum 12 Smoke Alarms. (Can be used with BRK)

Temperature Range: 40°F to 100°F

Humidity Range: 10% to 95% Relative Humidity

Certifications: Meets UL217, ETL listed

Warranty: 7 Year Manufacturer